Developing a Responsible AI Innovation Framework for the subsidised arts and culture sector, with Arts Council England

  • Led by Dr Oonagh Murphy, Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Partnered with Arts Council England

This fellowship collaborates with the Arts Council England to create a Responsible AI Innovation Framework for the arts and culture sector. The goal is to embed responsible AI practices into strategies and policies

There is a growing awareness of the increasing influence of AI in all aspects of creative and operational practice in arts and culture organisations, as in other industries. Two of the main challenges, identified by Arts Council England (ACE), the lead development agency for arts and culture in England, are 1) to encourage the sector to experiment with and create new work and new business models through the responsible use of AI; and (2) to protect the intellectual property and moral rights of artists and arts organisations and support their economic livelihoods.

Working closely with ACE, this project aims to establish a comprehensive Responsible AI Innovation Framework for the broader arts and culture sector, to increase understanding and application of the ethical use of AI technologies, safeguarding both artistic integrity and intellectual property. It will develop new models, tools and practices to embed responsible AI considerations into development strategies, sector guidance and policies. Action research with ACE will involve interviews and workshops with ACE staff across the organisation to co-develop Responsible AI Innovation Frameworks and will foster a culture of ethical AI adoption by offering resources and workshop formats that promote awareness and skill development, embedding responsible innovation AI Frameworks within ACE itself. A co-written position paper ‘Arts Council England in the Age of AI’ will outline how ACE has embedded responsible innovation AI frameworks into its internal operating context, and its position on the sector’s use of AI. Engagement with academic networks and cultural policy makers, including government, will join up work from the wider culture + creative industries sector on responsible AI. We will form a dialogue that links this fellowship project to the AI policy development work of other public bodies, including Arts Councils of Northern Ireland and Wales, Creative Scotland, Creative UK and the British Council’s Arts and Creative Economy Teams. The Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths and the BRAID network will enable further development and research leadership in Responsible AI and Cultural Policy

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