Academic-led Pathway

The academic-led pathway is designed to be a more recognisable approach to fellowships, where researchers with backgrounds from across the arts and humanities apply alongside their own collaborating stakeholder, having co-produced the research questions in advance. This pathway may be more attractive to those already working with, or otherwise connected to, non-academic stakeholders.

Key dates

1. Expressions of Interest are due by 20 November 2023

2. Applications close on 4 December 2023 at 10 am GMT

We only ask that the research responds to our key objectives and addresses one or more of the programme’s overarching themes as outlined in the Guidance Notes.

We use the term non-academic stakeholders (NAS) to refer to non-academic parties/organisations who have a demonstrable stake in the UK’s AI ecosystem. This can include organisations from the public, private or third sectors. For example, you might seek to collaborate with a large multinational technology company developing AI, a community group concerned about the effects of AI on their learners, or even a creative entity whose work is subject to use as data by an AI system.

The main objective is that the project be genuinely co-produced and innovative with a clear contribution to responsible AI.

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